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Summer is winding down (pause for a moment of sadness), but the good news is the warm weather remains – for now. If you, like so many of us, own a vehicle, you probably want it to last. One small but significant way to help preserve the life of your car is to protect it from the elements whenever possible.

Nope. Get that idea out of your head. No matter how big your large garage or barn is, you can’t have a summer party in there. It’s too nice outside! Plus, that would be a direct violation of guy code. Gal code, too. Wait, gal code… is that a thing? It is now! If you have a Classic Manor barn or garage and use it for recreational space, maybe you can have a get-together there in the colder months, but not this summer.


When it’s time to prep for the party, you’ll be going in and out of your storage space a lot… assuming you have one. If not, give the attic or basement some breathing room, and consider a large outdoor storage shed.


See, your oversized shed can be an asset when planning your summer parties.

Gardeners and Do-It-Yourselfers, unite! At Classic Manor, we are all about taking advantage of space, especially if the space we are making use of is being utilized to store the tools of our favorite outdoor hobbies, like gardening!